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Tax Information

All F and J visa students that were physically present in the U.S. during any part of the calendar year are responsible for filing a tax return with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by April 15 of the next year.  Even if you did not work or receive income in the US, you are still obliged to file documentation with the IRS. 

Failure to file can lead to complications when applying for US visas or immigration benefits in the future.

Georgia Gwinnett College has arranged free access to Sprintax Tax Preparation for you. Sprintax will guide you through the tax preparation process, arrange the necessary documents, and check if you are due a tax refund. International Student Services will also hold workshops during the spring semester to assist students with accessing Sprintax. 

Please note that International Student Services are neither qualified nor permitted, to answer individual questions from international students and scholars regarding their tax liabilities.