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Initial I-20 Request

In order to begin the steps to apply for a visa, and ultimately arrive at GGC, you will want to request an Initial I-20 from International Student Services. The staff in the International Student Services will initiate an Initial I-20 request for you upon your admission to the program. You will see your Initial I-20 request to complete on your User Home Page. International Student Services will notify you once they have initiated it for you to complete.

You will need to have your GGC I-20 before you can apply for a visa. Please make sure to review the visa interview & paying the I-901 SEVIS Fee information as part of the Initial I-20 request. 

If you are planning to transfer your SEVIS record from another U.S. School/University, you will need to complete an F-1 Transfer In request in addition to an Initial I-20 request. To initiate an F-1 Transfer In request, please click here.

If you will be bringing dependents with you during your program, you will need to complete an Add Dependent request for each dependent. Each dependent will need an F-2 I-20 in order to apply for an F-2 visa. To initiate an Add Dependent request, please click here.

Should you have any questions about the request(s), or in general, please contact International Student Services. 

Please note: If you have already started an Initial I-20 request or an F-1 Transfer In request, DO NOT start a new one. Please go to your User Home Page to continue working on your existing request.